Thursday, 3 April 2014

Love on the 42nd Street

I recently purchased Love on the 42nd Street by Daniel and Laura Curtis, musical theatre composers and lyricists.  They are well established specially for their concert repertoire featuring the Great American Songbook and also its legendary Musical Theatre composers. 

Daniel and Laura Curtis's Love on  42nd Street
Image Credit: Mike Collison

Love on the 42nd Street was produced in aid of BBC Children In Need and features a number of West End and Broadway Artists including Ramin Karimloo (Les Miserables - Broadway), Sierra Boggess (Soon be in The Phantom of the Opera - Broadway), Kasia Howly (Your Voice Competition Winner), Samantha Barks (Les Miserables 2012 Movie) and Others.

I absolutely loved every single song on the album especially Why Am I Falling (sung by Ramin Karmloo) and You Fixed My Broken Wings (sung by Samantha Barks).  One could appreciate the quality of the music and lyrics and its approach the singers sung it.  A great credit to Dan and Laura and its fellow singers.  My family listened to it the same time as me and they fell in love with too - afterwards I swear there was this sudden quietness and inner calm around us after we've listened to it! Must be a good thing! Those songs were certainly written from the heart and one can relate to these songs with their lives.

Olivia Edmonds (Her blog: Thoughts of a Blue Eyed Girl is recommended with its comprehensive reviews of a wide range of shows and interviews with exciting artists (performers and creators!) has interviewed Dan and Laura in the past and you can check out her interviews via these links:

Blue Eyed Girl catches up with Dan and Laura Curtis 
Blue Eyed Girl interviews . . . Dan and Laura Curtis

Love on the 42nd Street has been positively received from so many and I highly recommend it!  I asked Dan and Laura their reactions and feelings of this success:

"The main aim of the album was to try and convey love in all forms. We wanted to write songs about falling in love, falling out of love and losing someone that you love. We wanted to take anybody who listened on a journey. We have been so touched by the incredible response that we have received. The feedback has been wonderful, You never know when you write a song exactly how it will be received. We always try and write with as much heart as possible and draw on true life experiences. Topping the iTunes and Amazon Broadway and Vocalists chart in the UK and US was more than we could ever have imagined. Thanks for sharing the journey with us and buying the album."

Dan and Laura Curtis, 1st April 2014

It's a pleasure! Thank you to Dan and Laura for sharing their thoughts of Love on the 42nd Street with me. Please check out their website for up and coming projects and they can be followed on Twitter,

Sources:  Daniel and Laura Curtis, Olivia Edmonds (Thoughts of a Blue Eyed Girl) and Mike Ellison

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