Friday, 3 February 2017

Black Eyed Theatre's Frankenstein - 2nd February 2017, Harrogate Theatre

Blackeyed Theatre is currently presenting Frankenstein which is touring round the country. This world première production is adapted by John Ginman and based on Mary Shelley's Classic Gothic Thriller.  The story centres on Vincent Frankenstein, whose passions are to find the secrets to nature and its philosophies which is combined with his soul searching initiatives.  Then one dark day in November his creation would give him the adventure and experience he wouldn't have imagined at all.

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Shelley's literacy works are celebrated with an exploration of science fiction, gothic, spiritualism and figments of one's imagination...themes typical of the Romanticism Era.  The production is staged darkly with dimmed lighting and the wide range of live percussion/music is used for its soundscapes and musical accompaniment.  The creature is excellently portrayed with its puppetry, he comes alive during the story, and his action changes Frankenstein and the other characters' lives forever.

A moving, soul searching, senses stirring, dark production and the company interprets realistically the classic without any compromise.  This is an enjoyable two hour production performed by a five person cast and created imaginatively under the direction of  Eliot Giuralarocca.