Sunday, 1 December 2013

Next Interviewee...Siobhan Brennan

I now have the pleasure to interview Siobhan Brennan, a fellow musical theatre/theatre fan and a blogger.  She is also a correspondent for Back Stage Pass Biz.

Siobhan Brennan
Photo Credit: Siobhan Brennan
Please tell me how you’ve got into musical theatre and/or theatre general in the first place?

I have been into theatre from as long as I can remember. I loved going to my school productions and pantos with my family from a young age but it wasn't until my teenage years that my passion really took off. I feel I have Wicked to thank for this as after one viewing, I was hooked. The next couple of years that followed were filled with road trips to see shows all over the country and many a night spent on YouTube researching shows I didn't have access to.   

Siobhan Brennan at London's Leicester Square
Photo Credit: Siobhan Brennan

What inspired you to get into blogging?

None of my close friends are really into theatre, and there is only so much I can talk at them before their patience wears thin. So for me, it was basically somewhere to spill all of my thoughts and feelings about the shows / performers I had seen. Blogs - and social media in general - provide an opening for conversations with like minded people, which is ace.

What have been your favourite posts you’ve blogged/reviewed?

I especially love reviewing local productions. For a long time I was obsessed with London and getting my next theatre trip planned, but blogging has shown me that my home town of Glasgow, and Scotland in general, has a thriving theatre scene that I was missing out on. 

I also loved interviewing Rebecca Trehearn who is currently playing Molly in the UK tour of Ghost. She was so lovely and really put time into her answers. 

What have been the highlights of your blogging/reviewing journey?

I think the main highlight is the people I have met along the way. It's great to find people with as much passion for something as I have. 

Another definite highlight was becoming a correspondent for I was able to attend The Lion King press night which was a real treat. It's so nice to see regional theatres getting large scale productions like this.

Are there any shows/performers that you haven’t reviewed/interviewed that you would like to?

The show I would love to see and review at the moment is The Book of Mormon. I've tried for lottery tickets on two occasions but no joy - they really are the hottest tickets in town. 

As for a performer that I would love to interview, this would have to be Kerry Ellis. She was my first Elphaba and I have followed her career ever since - such a stunning vocalist. 

Siobhan Brennan with Kerry Ellis
Photo Credit: Siobhan Brennan

What shows do you recommend which are currently playing in the West End or on tour nationally?

It goes without saying that if I was to recommend one current show it would be Wicked, I dare you to go and not love it. I would also recommend Once, such a simple yet effective piece of theatre. 

What is your piece of advice would you give for anyone who is new to blogging/reviewing?

Give it a go - it's great fun. Just be yourself, write how you want, about what you want and find your own rhythm. 

Finally, what has been your 2013 theatre highlights?

My favourite show of 2013 was Lift The Musical. New writing is so important, it keeps theatre fresh and Lift just knocked it out of the park. The music is so related I could just listen to the album on repeat all day.  

Seeing Glasgow Girls both in Glasgow and in London was great. This show has a brilliant message and a lot of heart. 

I also really enjoyed 9 to 5 The Musical, which I didn't think I was going to - love it when a show surprises you like that!

I would like to say a big thank you to Siobhan for taking part in this interview.  You can follow her on Twitter: @WestEndShiv and please check out her blog.

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