Monday, 2 December 2013

Next Interviewee....Emma McKeating

To mark my 100th blog post, I now have the pleasure interviewing Emma McKeating, a big Phantom of the Opera Fan and Mozart Lover.

Emma McKeating with Marcus Lovett,  2012/13 Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera
Photo Credit: Emma McKeating

Please tell me how you got into musical theatre/theatre in general?

Until I went to high school I was into music from the 1950s and classical, especially Mozart. It wasn't until I went to London on a musical theatre trip that it all changed. We went to the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden. There was a whole display of phantom costumes and the overture played. I was terribly bullied for my appearance in high school and I buried myself in Phantom as I felt how he felt.

What have been the highlights of your musical theatre journey?

I met Andrew Lloyd Webber and Joseph Millson who played Raoul in Love Never Dies at an official fan event arranged by the Really Useful Group in 2011.  Also being at The Phantom of the Opera's 25th Anniversary Celebration event at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2011 and appearing on the DVD as I was sat on the front row in the stalls.  Also meeting so many of my Twitter friends as we are on similar journeys.

 Emma with fellow Phantom Fans, Annie and Alex (August 2013)

What shows do you recommend that are currently playing in the West End or Regionally?

I would recommend The Phantom of the Opera to anyone and everyone. All the elements of the show combine to make an amazing show which transports you to a whole different level.  Also The Lion King is a beautiful show, very powerful and clever costuming.

Are there any shows that you haven’t seen that you would like to? 

One show that I haven't seen yet, or on stage at least, is Les Miserables.  Every time I go to London I end up seeing Phantom! I love the music of Les Miserables and the struggle Javert has with himself. So I will have to make an effort to go and see it!

What have been your theatrical highlights in 2013?

I have so many theatrical highlights this year. I saw The Phantom of the Opera three times this year including Earl Carpenter in the tour at Birmingham. Also seeing Three Phantoms twice this year was amazing plus Cats and EvitaAndrew Lloyd Webber is a genius.  

What show are you planning to see next?

The first show I am seeing in 2014 is surprise surprise, Phantom! and I'd also love to see Stephen Ward as the story intrigues me.

 Her Majesty's Theatre, London

I would like to say a big thank you to Emma for taking part in this interview and this to mark my 100th post .  You can follow her on Twitter: @phantom86


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post. I enjoy reading your interviews!

  2. Thank you! I enjoy writing them :D