Monday, 31 March 2014

A Blogger's Update: Some Personal Thoughts

 Enjoying a walk in a North London Park (March 2014)

Lately I've changed...changed for the better, to me it is! I feel about my theatre going and my relationship with it which has an impact compared to the past.  I don't consider myself a fan but a theatregoer! 

The status quo, it seems, as a 'fan', you go see a mainstream show, go to stage door afterwards and tell your fellow fans and friends that you love the show and have met so and so! I find this not me at all anymore especially that I'm embarking on a journalism/reviewing career where I hope to break professionally.  I also want see a wide and diverse range of shows of different theatre genres.

My priority now is to focus more on the show rather than who's in it.  I like to analyse and critically approach the show from humanities and social perspectives.  I do have my favourite shows and performers but I like many genres of theatre especially plays.  There is a time and place to focus on individual shows and performers.  At the end of the day, the show is first and nothing else! It's the only reason why I go to the theatre!

I now dislike stage dooring and would prefer to tweet my thanks to the performers and express my wishes via reviews.  The thought of waiting outside for some considerable time after a show doesn't appeal to me anymore.  I would much rather have a coffee somewhere or go for a night cap in a pub!  Even an earlier night in bed sounds more appealing!  Even stage dooring at Phantom, my favourite show, is a big effort these days.  However I know the current cast pretty well so I feel it's only courteous to say hello, though not every time, when I see the show.  Please don't expect me to say hello to specific actors at stage door whenever I see shows.  The likelihood is that I won't be visiting stage door before or after the show and certainly not if I'm not seeing the actual show!

Apart from some exceptions to the rule, I don't follow performers, even my favourite ones, on Twitter.  I always to get to know of upcoming professional engagements they're involved with indirectly and via retweets.  I simply follow the official shows accounts and any theatre/art organisations.  I would tweet those concerned if I'm seeing the actual show.  I'm not interested in show business's off stage gossip especially their personal lives.   I pay attention to what they do on stage and appreciate them for it.  I'm more interested in the professional careers and its successes than their love life!

I try and not see shows with celebrity casting unless the story of the show is of particular interest to me.  I would rather support fringe, local and amateur productions which will need more support.  Besides there is a lot more to life than theatre!

Thank you for your understanding.  Happy Theatre Going! xxx

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