Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Les Miserables - A Satisfactory Return Visit!

I always love making return visits to Les Miserables  at the Queen's Theatre.  My 12th visit to the legendary musical was no exception.  It was great to see Les Miserables with the company of my friends.  I sat in the back stalls and despite the dress circle overhang the view was OK. However I don't mind because of already have seen the musical a number of times. Les Miserables explores the social issues of what the everyday people faced during the French Revolution and how some fought for what they felt were right whether it was politically, morally and socially.

 Me with Simon Shorten (Understudy Jean Valjean) at Queens Theatre's Stage Door

I was delighted to have learnt beforehand that Simon Shorten, a former Phantom understudy, was to play Jean Valjean.  My wish to see Simon in an iconic role came true.  I do regret not seeing him as Phantom when he was in the show but very glad to have seen him as Valjean on this occasion.  He did a great Valjean and performed the role extremely well.  I would love to see him in a principal role and hope he deservedly gets casted some day. 

Me with Tam Mutu (Javert) at Queens Theatre Stage Door, London

Tam Mutu, as always, was incredible and his performance reconfirmed him as my favourite Javert (as well as my favourite Love Never Dies Phantom!).  He has such a powerful stage presence in the show and he has grown and thrived in the role since seeing him in November 2012 (Please see my blog on that visit).  As always I adored Stars and the confrontation between him and Simon (Valjean) was incredible!

Me with Wendy Ferguson (Madame Thenardier) at Queens Theatre Stage Door, London

Wendy Ferguson must now be my favourite Madame Thenardier...In fact the best I've seen! She was very entertaining and I never laughed so much in Les MisWendy and Cameron Blakely (Thenardier) were in their element!  I now have fond memories of seeing her in Les Miserables as well as her Carlotta in The Phantom of the Opera.

I also enjoyed the performances of Na-Young Jeon as Fantine and Carrie Hope Fletcher as Eponine.  These two were the other performers as well as Simon, Tam and Wendy who stood out for me that evening.  It was a satisfactory visit to Les Miserables and will probably see it again at some point in the future.

I had the pleasure to meet all of them at stage door after the show.  I made a special effort because I'm not a fan of stage dooring anymore and I really dislike the hanging around especially in cold weather! I would much rather have a night cap somewhere or return to my digs and my warm bed to savour the show!  However I'm glad I did and it was worth it for the heartfelt appreciation from the cast members and the time they had for my friends and I after the show.

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