Friday, 16 August 2013

Eight Shows in Five Days - Day 5

On this day life has begun at 40! After having a relaxing morning and lunch with dear friends, Rob and I went to the Cambridge Theatre to see Matilda.  I always wanted to see the musical after enjoying Roald Dahl's story and Danny DeVito's movie.  Anyway I was very happy to have finally booked to see it!  I was pleasantly surprised with the comfortable seats with generous leg room in the Cambridge Theatre's Upper Circle.  The seating was initially a concern to me and welcomed my seat with relief.  I've now done a personal review of Matilda via this blog.

Matilda at Cambridge Theatre, Covent Gardens

I knew that Tim Michin had an involvement with the show with its wit, quirkiness and humour.  I loved this feel good show of the bravery and courage Matilda, her peers and Miss Honey (Haley Flaherty) faced with Miss Trunchbull (David Leonard).  Their journeys with friendships and mutual respect between each other.  Matilda's vivid imagination and creativity pull her through which was shown with the librarian on stage whilst being ignored and unloved by her parents.  

The library was the place for narration which I thought was perfect for Matilda's love of books.  There were some things which made the show tick and these were complimented by the amazing musical numbers.

Me with Haley Flaherty (Miss Honey)
Me with David Leonard (Miss Trunchbull)

Matilda at Cambrige Theatre, Covent Gardens

After the show we met Haley Flaherty, whom I remember in Love Never Dies in 2011, and David Leonard at Stage Door.  It was a good afternoon of being entertained by Roald Dahl's creativity on stage.  After a visit to my favourite cocktail bar, Great Northern Hotel Bar at Kings Cross, it was time for my train home and on the journey I reflected what an amazing trip I just had! Hope to do a similar trip in February 2014.

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