Sunday, 11 August 2013

Eight Shows in Five Days - Day 2

I woke up early deciding I'll queue for a day ticket for the evening performance of Once.  I made my way via Covent Gardens to the Phoenix Theatre.  I was the first in line so I made myself comfortable for the wait.  After half an hour or so waiting more people joined the queue and I got chatting to Alice whose dream is to perform in the West End.  We had a lovely chat about our love for the theatre.

I secured a centre front row ticket for the evening performance and because of my excitement I almost forgot my change at the box office.  I had a coffee near Trafalgar Square before meeting up with Annie for lunch and the matinee performance of The Phantom of the Opera.  

My 64th visit to my favourite musical was amazing as ever.  We mainly had understudies apart from Marcus Lovett (Phantom), Barry James (Monsieur Firmin) and Simon Thomas (Raoul).  Everyone did an exceptional job especially performances from Olivia Brereton (Who was on as Christine for this performance), Nicola Rutherford (Carlotta), Louisa Lydell (Madam Giry).  The performance was so well received and at the end of the show everyone in the Grand Circle gave a standing ovation and also a number people in the Balcony, where I sat, gave one too.  I've never witnessed such an enthusiastic audience at Phantom and I was very proud to be part of it.

Perfect shows for my 2nd day!
It was great spending an afternoon with Annie who have been very supportive to me during the great and not so the great times on my Phantom journey which the latter is the case at the moment.  It was eventually time for us to part ways as I had to make my way to the Phoenix Theatre via Leicester Square for the evening performance of Once.


I'm so glad to have chosen Once for my evening's show.  I just don't want to say I've seen Once once! I enjoyed the show even more the second time! Please see my blog on my first ever visit to Once. I visited the stage door to meet some of the cast members for the first time including Declan Bennett (Guy); Zrinka Cvitešić (Girl), Ryan Fletcher (Svec) and it was an absolute pleasure to have met Valda Aviks (Baruska) who was my first ever Carlotta in The Phantom of the Opera back in 1994! I saw her on my first ever visit to my show so it was a nice reunion and we were reminiscing about Phantom in Manchester!  Please check out the website to find out more about this amazing musical! In all it was wonderful day and evening!

Met Valda Aviks, Declan Bennett, Zrinka Cvitešić and Ryan Fletcher after the evening's performance:

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