Friday, 6 May 2016

Late Night Love, Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax

Home, They Eat Culture and Eggs Collective present Late Night Love one night only at Halifax's Square Chapel.  Firstly a four chord ballad is unveiled in the bar.  The ballad is of comprised love stories by Egg Collective's Caravan of Love which were collated from the streets of Halifax.  Audience joins in singing the regular choral lines including You feel the Love in Halifax and There's No Room for Saxophone or Romantic Overtones.

Photo credit;  Eggs Collective
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Eventually makes their way to the main auditorium for the main show.  They assemble cabaret style and wait in anticipation to what is about to happen.  First Night Love,based on a confessional radio show, explores the reality of love based on definitions, perceptions, expectations etc. and analyses the medium and vices used in the 1980s to define love.  The three performers dressed in black cat suits; subtly perform as messengers delivering Cadbury's milktrays, physically represent the emotional baggage love brings - its expectations, disappointments and complications and demonstrating creatively and artistically the general attitudes and reactions. These sketches are accompanied with 1980s powerful love ballads sung by Chris de Burgh, Carpenters, Celine Dion, George Michael and Simply Red.  All being summarised at the end with sharing loving childhood and family memories and listening to the radio where dedications (the audience are invited to make a dedication) and confessions are made.   

Late Night Love is metaphoric, humourous, light hearted, creative, warm but honest, powerful and serious. Love is exposed and subjected to different interpretations and leaves one more questions than answers.  Everyone is encouraged to ponder about love and how one wants to love.  There is a commonality with many; one may be lonely but someone somewhere is thinking of someone whether privately or publicly via the radio and other mediums.   A lot of fantasy thrown in this production but paints a very realistic humane picture.

Late Night Love is part of the Eggs Collective's Double Trouble Tour this year.  Eggs Collective's Get A Round is playing alongside this show on tour.  Further information can be found here.  An opportunity to analyse love in all its forms and certainly Leonie Higgins, Lowri Evans and Sara Cocker have no hesitation bringing this victoriously and intimately.

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