Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Brideshead Revisited, York Theatre Royal - 26th April 2016

It is lovely returning to York Theatre Royal for its first show, world première's production of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited.  The theatre reopened recently following a 13 month redevelopment.  The work done certainly pays dividends with its well used space and lighting.  The front of house is extended and remodelled with a eclectic mix of past and present.  The audience can sit in and enjoy the redecorated and main audience.  Certainly worth the wait!

Brian Ferguson as Charles Ryer, Shuna Snow, 
Christopher Simpson as Sebastian Flyte 
and Nick Blakeley as Anthony Blanche
Photo Credit: Mark Douet

Brideshead Revisited is produced jointly by York Theatre Royal and English Touring Theatre.  Waugh's classic novel is adapted and re-imagined by Bryony Lavery and directed by Damian Cruden.  It is about Charles Ryder (Brian Ferguson) who returns to Brideshead in 1943 and remembers the memories of the summers there spent as a youth with a privileged but eccentric Flyte family.

The journey Ryder takes and narrates is a discovery of memories and things which the audience can relate to in their life journeys including love, society, family, religion, creativity and death and how travel and war crucially shaped Ryder for who he was and who he is now.  All set round the household and livelihood of Brideshead Castle.

The cast is led by Brian Ferguson and Christopher Simpson (as Sebastian Flyte) and they successfully ride on the journeys with excellent portrayals of the characters involved,

The simple staging is impressive - the visual backdrops create an atmosphere appropriate for the storytelling.  The bright and calm colours (and combined) lighting, courtesy of Richard G Jones, is stunning and with its breathtaking contrast with Sara Perk's dark staging.

Another excellent production at The York Theatre Royal in conjunction with English Touring Theatre.

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