Friday, 22 April 2016

Pre-show Feature: Northern Ballet's Jane Eyre

Northern Ballet's Jane Eyre
Image credit: Northern Ballet

World Première of Northern Ballet's Jane Eyre is highly anticipated and certainly a hot ticket this season - tickets are sold out for its run at Doncaster's CAST.  This will be a welcoming addition to the Northern Ballet's exciting repertoire including Wuthering Heights and 20 years ago or so The Brontës (under Northern Ballet Theatre).

Coinciding with the celebration of Charlotte Brontë who was born 200 years ago this year. Her actual birthday, 21st April, has been celebrated with academic and cultural activities taking place across Yorkshire and beyond.

Jane Eyre is certainly more about the novel.  The well known novel is enjoyed by many worldwide and was written advance of its era.  Cathy Marston (A Tales of Two Cities) choreographs this production with Philip Feeney who compiles a score of original and existing compositions.  Mario Testino, a reputed set and costume designer, will create the sets and costumes and this will be complimented by lighting by Alastair West, an experienced designer.

Northern Ballet Jane Eyre's rehearsal starring 
Hannah Bateman and Javier Torres
Photo credit:  Justin Slee

Marston's inspiration, drawn from the novel, is keen to interpret the character of Jane Eyre and the men that entered into her life.  Also hopefully to how Charlotte Brontë would like to see her immortalised during her time and beyond.

There will be an opportunity, no doubt, to explore existing and emerging themes which some are well known and others not so.  From the 19th May, the audience will be offered in glimpsing into the actual life of Charlotte Brontë as well as enjoying Jane Eyre.

As mentioned at the beginning, tickets are sold out in Doncaster but tickets are still available, at the time of this review, at other venues accessed here.

Dawn Smallwood
22nd April 2016

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