Thursday, 2 October 2014

Dumbwise's Faust, De Grey Rooms, York - 1st October 2014

 Image Credit: Dumbwise

Dumbwise in partnership with Greenwich Theatre is currently touring their production, Faust around the country.  Dumbwise, an actor-winner musician company, is reputed to adapting classic and modern works into dramatisting them for modern audiences in theatres of all sizes.

Their production, Faust, is no exception.  Based on Goethe's tale, Part 1, it is adapted and translated by John R Williams and directed by John WardFaust explores Faust, played by Adam Patrick Boakes, who sells his soul to the devil, Mephistopheles, in order to enjoy himself on earth before serving his master in hell.  As the performance unfolds only for Faust to face dissatisfaction, hindrances and frustrations during his earthly journey including love.  He admits this via his crisis of conscience stating, "Right in one thing, I have no choice".

The production is eclectic textually and musically. From beginning to the end of this performance, David Hewson's musical arrangements and composition directs the dramatisation of this production which is performed by the very talented actors-musicians.  The audience appreciates the tradition text being recited with modern dialogues and composed music combined with familiar renditions such as Fat Boy Slim's Right Here, Right Now.

The bare simple stage is used to the maximum by the actors with great use of Joshua Pharo's lighting assisting the performers.  Notably, the lighting illuminates the characters' shadows enacting intrigue and suspense of Faust's journey.

An excellent actor-musicians cast lead by Boakes puts on this excellent interpretation of this German Romantic.  The production offers an opportunity to appreciate Goethe whether a fan or a novice of his works.  David Burnett, an outstanding and proactive Mephistopheles, ensures that Faust's wishes and desires are met conditionally and also seducing Gretchen, played by Eilidh deBonnaire, the girl of Faust's dreams.

It raises a variety of exploratory humanitarians themes which one can relate to in communities and lives.  Faust is currently on UK Tour and dates can be found her by clicking on the link.

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