Friday, 10 October 2014

London Contemporary Theatre's Great Expectations, Square Chapel for the Arts, Halifax - Wednesday 8th October 2014

Image Credit: London Contemporary Theatre

I was curious about seeing this modern production of Charles Dickens classic by London Contemporary Theatre at Halifax's Square Chapel Centre of Arts. 

London Contemporary Theatre is renowned for reworking classics for modern audiences.  Their contemporary adaptation of Great Expectations explores the tale of crime and criminality but with a 21st Century twist.  Being a modern production, the musical gives an opportunity for the audience to engage thoroughly with themselves the story's characters and plots.

Adapted by Thomas Crowley and directed by Jonathan Ashby-Rook; the actor/musician cast, playing multiple characters, relives the novel about Pip being transformed into a London socialite with success and wealth thrown in for good measure.  The story, however, shows that Pip yearns for Estella whom he met on childhood visits to Miss Havisham's house.

London Contemporary Theatre makes it possible for the audience to engage with the diverse characters and a variety of themes raised from The Great ExpectationsDickens articulately links the characters and its social themes, which were relevant to the Victorian Era with, and which is the same with this company's interpretation for the 21st Century.

The simple but modern staging aids the story particularly the haunting Miss Havisham's House with its 'time stood still' set.  This set enhances the profile of this troubled character. The production went on longer than the advertised finishing time but despite this the production gave the Dickens story justice.  

An enjoyable production where there is something for everyone in the audience.  Please check out London Contemporary Theatre by clicking on this link.

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