Sunday, 8 September 2013

[title of show] [following your dreams and daring to believe]

Following recommendations from fellow musical theatre fans I booked to see [title of show] at Clapham's Landor Theatre.  This was the 2nd show I was seeing at a fringe venue on my August London trip.  [title of show] is written by Hunter Bell and the music and lyrics by Jeff Brown.  It was originally present in 2004 at New York Musical Festival.  Then it subsequently was produced by New York theatre companies.  This production is presented by Theatrica Ltd with arrangement from R&H Theatrical Europe Ltd.

My Admission Ticket and my programme for [title of show]

The Landor Theatre began its existence in 1994 and since then is reputed to deliver critically acclaimed productions on par to the West End and also at reasonable prices!  I secured a front row seat and waited in anticipation for [title of show].  I was very intrigued what to expect although I knew in advance and also of the strong cast line up of Simon Bailey (Jeff), Scott Garnham (Hunter), Sarah Galbraith (Susan) and Sophia Ragavelas (Heidi).

Landor Theatre, Clapham, South West London

The musical's synopsis is about two friends Jeff (Simon Bailey) and Hunter (Scott Garnham) who both decided to write a musical for the inaugural New York Musical Festival within a three weeks deadline.  The musical entertained the three week journey when both friends begin planning and writing that were met with entertaining and hilarious developments with a little help from their friends Heidi (Sophia Ragavelas), Susan (Sarah Galbraith) and Larry (Michael Webborn who is also the show's musical director).  The witty and funny musical numbers built up the momentum from beginning to the end.

I laughed a lot and was amused throughout the 95 minutes duration.  I loved the intimate set up of the stage and how close we were to the performers from all the seats.  We felt the cast interacted with us during the show.  The creative team made an impressive and thorough use of the intimate space including the effective use of lighting, visuals and sounds, and choreography.

It was an excellent performance from the cast.  It was great to see Simon Bailey to do something totally different and lighthearted after seeing him as Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera (UK Tour).  It was great meeting him again along with Scott Garnham after the show.  

Food for thought:  I was reading my theatre programme where Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen posed the following questions:

"What do you dream about doing"

"What is the thing you want to be doing with your lives but aren't doing?"

"Why not?"

(Hunter Bell and Jeff Brown in [title of show] programme)

It is obvious they believe that [title of show] is about friendship and one not being afraid not to pursue their dream and also daring to dream big.  I think anyone can apply this in their life in pursuing their dreams and goals whether if its performing on stage, writing or planning any career change.  The point is for one to go for it without fear or self-doubt and not worrying what the critics will say.  Nobody knows what the future holds! This is the spirit of the show which I've observed in this incredible musical comedy.  I also couldn't help thinking of Rocky Horror Show's Don't Dream It, Be It, which is in a similar vein.

I highly recommend this musical which is currently playing at the Landor Theatre until 14th September 2013.  Please check out the Landor Theatre for further information and upcoming productions.

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