Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Phantom Diaries Part 2 - 2nd September 2013

The first night of the new 2013/14 Phantom Cast is what I've been waiting for since the major cast changes were announced.  I was especially excited about seeing Geronimo Rauch as Phantom after adoring his portrayal of Jean Valjean last year in Les Miserables.  I remember how amazing he and Tam Mutu were on stage especially with the Confrontation scene.

 The new cast - 2nd September 2013

As well as Geronimo I was very intrigued about the new cast members including Harriet Jones, Sean Palmer, Jacinta Mulcahy, Andy Hockley (whom I've seen as Monsieur Firmin on the Phantom UK Tour many times) and Martin Ball.  It was good that Lara Martins is staying on a bit longer as Carlotta.

I had to admit it was strange to see different names to the ones I was used to seeing on the cast board just before the performance.  Still I had this feeling of excitement about what this performance could bring us tonight.  

Well...what an amazing and exceptional performance!! Definitely one of the best I've ever seen on my Phantom journey! Geronimo Rauch and Harriet Jones amazed me as Phantom and Christine especially during The Phantom of the Opera, Music of the Night, Wandering Child and The Point of No Return.  They were (and are) incredible together on stage and definitely compliment one another.  I absolutely admired Harriet's Think of Me and Wishing You Somehow Here Again.  I was so blown away that I was lost for words during the interval! The rest of the cast were incredible and everyone did a great job! Hard to believe it was the first night! It's a big thanks to the company's creative team efforts that made the performance tick and ensured a spot on delivery on the night!

The new slight changes especially between Phantom and Christine were incredible.  I had the honour to meet most of the new cast members after the performance at stage door.  It was definitely the long wait while they deservedly celebrated 'a job well done' on the first night!  Writing this, a week later, I'm still amazed by Geronimo's Phantom is now is no doubt my favourite Phantom! 

Me with Geronimo Rauch (Phantom)

Looks like there will be more visits to Phantom over the next year.  Things can only get better even if the first night was incredible!

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