Sunday, 27 September 2015

Chantry Dance Company's Duology

Chantry Dance Company, formed in May 2012, gives a contemporary approach to dance being a 'liberating art form' and brings 'freedom of expression'.  This certainly has been demonstrated in this exciting and ambitious double bill.

Chantry Dance Company
Photo credit: Chantry Dance Company 
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Eine Kleine Nachmusik

Two's a company, three's a crowd!

This saying stuck with throughout this piece based on Mozart's famous composition.  Two dancers dance in unison while the third dancer dances independently thus making me think of that saying.  The music invites the audience to explore the dancers' personalities presented and observe their presence, relationship,identity,individualism and freedom amidst finding one's place in immediate surroundings and contextually in society.  There is an expression of challenging conformities of society and what is supposedly expected of them.

Vincent - a stranger to himself

This piece is certainly more conceptual than musical.  The dancers interpret symbolically the life of Vincent Van Gogh through his passions for women and art.  The passions are interpreted dramatically and intricately; the women in his life return to haunt and torment his emotions through the dramaturg.  The effective use of easels and canvases and the art muse (Rae Piper) reiterate Van Gogh's true passion and joy, his art. The physical movements are choreographed to a diverse range of music and soundscapes which certainly reflects the emotional journey Van Gogh faced throughout his life.  Paul Chantry beautifully interprets the Van Gogh and how the painter features in society with his relationships combining genius with compelling power.

An excellent programme with two very different pieces reflecting the spirit of CDC's ethos and aims.

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