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Macbeth, Phantom and War Horse - June 2013

I couldn't think of a short and snappy theme for my recent trip to London so I literally typed what shows I saw! It seems at the moment London is my 2nd home! Since April 2013 I have been down there every month (sometimes twice!) and it looks like a similar trend will follow for the many more months to come!

I went down on the Thursday evening so I could have a relaxing morning before seeing Macbeth at Shakespeare Globe.  I didn't fancy rushing about and it was as well because of delays on the East Coast trains on the Friday morning which would have jeopardised my visit to the Globe! I took the opportunity to book myself a ticket for an exhibition Propaganda Power and Persuasion next month at The British Library.  Being a Humanities graduate this sort of thing fascinates me and what I learnt from my English language studies.

 Bankside, Home to Shakespeare Globe

I made my way to Bankside for the matinee performance of Macbeth.  Please click onto the link for my thoughts about this production.  After the performance and visiting the very crowded theatre shop for souvenirs I made my way to Haymarket via foot as I couldn't face the public transport during rush hour! It was a long walk along the river but I made it! After having dinner with Sophia it was Phantom of the Opera time!

As always I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  My exceptional highlight was seeing Olivia Brereton (the new alternate Christine) and Antony Hansen (Understudy Raoul and my favourite one!) seeing them performing together.  There was exceptional chemistry between them and I loved how they interacted with one another.  All I ask of you was the best I've heard for a very long time.  I really love how Antony's Raoul is full of love, tenderness and romantic with Olivia's Christine.

 The cast for the performance (28th June 2013)

 Me with Olivia Brereton (Alternative Christine) at Her Majesty's Theatre Stage Door

 Me with Antony Hansen (Understudy Raoul) at Her Majesty's Theatre Stage Door (Taken in May 2013)

I saw Olivia six times as Christine on the UK Phantom Tour during 2012 and 2013 in Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Liverpool.  So I  was very happy learn she has joined The Brilliant Original cast as the new Alternate Christine.  Considering this is her only 2nd ever professional engagement it shows what an extremely talented performer she really is and also such a lovely person from meeting her number of times at stage doors across the country!

I was looking forward to the love triangle in Wandering Child/Bravo and the Final Lair between the Phantom (Marcus Lovett), Christine (Olivia) and Raoul (Antony). All of them convincingly owned the final lair which led to the difficult choices they all had to face and make.  Definitely the best I've seen! Phantom wasn't disappointing at all this evening! It was very enthralled especially with Antony and Olivia!

Marcus, Olivia and Antony are always very kind to me and it was great catching up with them at stage door afterwards alongside the very friendly cast! I can't wait for more Phantom very soon! My exciting Phantom journey continues strongly as ever after 63 visits!

War Horse at the New London Theatre, Covent Gardens

A fantastic Friday and a superb Saturday was followed seeing National Theatre's Platform Event: Inside The Horse in the morning and watching the matinee performance of War Horse in the afternoon.  Please check out my blog for my thoughts of the show.  After War Horse I braved the busy West End for my hotel to collect my luggage and catch my train home.  Back in London very soon for more adventures.

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