Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Out of Chaos Two Man Macbeth - Sunday 21st February 2016

Out of Chaos Macbeth have brought their two man show to Leeds Slung Low Hub.  Their mission was to bring the Shakespeare tragedy to life in 80 minutes.  The interpretation of 30 characters relied solely on Troels Hagen Findsen and Paul O'Mahoney.

(Imaged accessed from http://unmythable.co.uk)

From beginning to end the spirit of story telling came alive with the two actors smoothly switching between the different characters' parts.  There was a great use of voice including its pitch and tone. The body language complimented the performances with its varied body movements, demeanour and facial expression.  This inhibited the mood and emotions especially with the intensity shown in Mahoney's eyes who played Macbeth.

Simple props were used to the maximum effect for each of the scenes.  Clare Browne's lighting was impressive especially the use of red lighting to show Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's blooded hands after murdering.  The performance had an eerie feel and prolonged silences which is down to successful use of dim lighting and the wind outside at the time complimented the ambience which obviously wasn't planned.

Mike Tweddle, artistic director, ensured it was fast paced throughout.  The revised text didn't compromise the integrity of Macbeth and its themes.  Audience interaction is to the maximum and is encouraged from repeating choral lines and helping with some of the 'lines'.

A clever contemporary production which is worth seeing live!

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