Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Every Brilliant Thing, Square Chapel,Halifax

Image Credit: Pentabus Rural Theatre Company

Every Brilliant Thing, a smash hit at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, is a heart warming play which touches one through tears and laughter.  Comedian Jonny Donahoe takes the audience on a life journey about depression and how if affects loved ones. Based on a combination of true and untrue stories, Donahoe chronologically shares with the audience a growing list of things of feel good things for mother when she was hospitalised and for the list to grow through one's life.

The audience are not immuned from not participating as Donahoe cleverly involves the audience; whether it's shouting out an item number during the play or being involved in role play as 'Dad'. 'Ms Patterson', 'Sam' and so on.  This one hour moving play guarantees an uplifting and entertaining evening.

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