Sunday, 6 April 2014

"Can You Feel The Love Tonight" - The Lion King


Everything was a highlight especially Pumba (Lee Ormsby), Timon (John Hester) and Simba (Nicholas Nkuna) singing 'Hakuna Matata'
Loved Simba (Taha Elamin) as a little cub - so cute!

Act 2

Pumba is hilarious, good singing and acting.  The same with Rafiki (Gugwana Dlamini)
Simba is an amazing actor (Nicholas Nkuna)
Differences between the movie and the musical is Timon (John Hasler) falling in the river and Scar wanted to marry Nala (Ava Brennan)

Absolutely amazing and love to see it again!

Above are the thoughts from my niece who I took to see the UK & Ireland Tour production of The Lion King at Bradford's Alhambra Theatre.  It was my niece's first big musical theatre experience.  I can reassure my readers and followers that it won't be her last!

 The Lion King at Bradford's Alhambra Theatre

I've seen The Lion King three times previously at London's Lyceum Theatre.  It may not be my favourite musical but always have an amazing time whenever I see it!  I'm very much moved by the story, music and the visual spectacles!

The adaptation of Disney's movie was beautifully presented on stage.  We were given a 'spectacular visual feast' (Disney's The Lion King Flyer) by its stunning sets (Richard Hudson); costumes, masks and puppets (Julie Taymor and Michael Curry) and with co-ordinated perfectly by Donald Holder's lighting and Steve Canyon Kennedy's sound design,  I love the wonderful music and songs by Elton John and Tim Rice (plus additional music and lyrics by Lebo M, Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, Julie Taymor and Hans Zimmer).  My favourite musical numbers include 'Circle of Life'; the poignant 'Shadowlands'; the feel good 'Hakuna Matata' and the moving 'He Lives in You'.  I also love the romantic 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'.

I adored all the characters who played their unique roles in Pride Land even the villainous Scar (Stephen Carlile) telling us the beautiful and moving story of Simba's life journey as a curious cub (Taha Elamin) to a powerful King (Nicholas Nkuna).  I did notice the tour production has simplified the sets slightly but doesn't compromise the show in any way at all.  It was so good to see more focus on expression of emotion through singing, chanting, dancing and such in celebrating Africa's Pride Land.

It was visually stunning and worth a visit to this wonderful musical.  It was even more special sharing the occasion with my niece.  My niece and I bought some wonderful souvenirs so we can relive the my niece is waiting for me to take her to the theatre again.

Please visit The Lion King website.

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