Monday, 17 June 2013

Musical Theatre meeting the Rat Pack!

Photo Credit: Ginger Boy Productions Limited

A wonderful evening at the Leeds Grand Theatre seeing Three Phantoms recently took place.  I have seen this event before at the Plymouth Pavilions in November 2011 so I knew I was in for a good time!

The concert starred Earl Carpenter, Matthew Cammelle and Stephen John Davies.  I had the privilege of see Earl perform as Phantom in both the London and the recent UK Phantom Tour (In Cardiff, Liverpool and Birmingham).  I saw Matt twice as Raoul in London during 2000 and 2001 and Stephen as Emile in South Pacific (UK Tour) last year in Leeds (This is when I learnt he has was the Phantom for London's 10,000th performance).  There was Rebecca Caine whom I've seen at this event before and the guest artists included Alistair Barron whom I recently saw in a variety roles at the recent UK Phantom Tour.

In the first act, the Phantoms shared some funny experiences with their association as the Phantom in the West End.  Songs were sung from Scarlet Pimpernel, Ghost, Kiss Me Kate, West Side Story and Chicago.  The company sang impressively Les Miserables I Dreamed A Dream without musical accompaniment.  Earl sang magnificently Stars and Matt sang Empty Chairs, Empty Tables with full conviction.  The act ended on a high with the company singing One Day More.

Alistair Barron was indirectly introduced amidst humour in Act 2 by the Phantoms.  All of them sang Big Girls Don's Cry by Frank Valli and Four Seasons.  Further songs were sung by the artists from Kiss Me Kate, King and I and I was impressed with Earl's rendition of Matilda's Hammer.  A perfect introduction for my debut to seeing the musical at the end of July.

We then reach the iconic part, I think, of the show.  A bit of Phantom entertainment awaits us! The artists sung a selection of songs from Yeston's Phantom, Ken Hill's Phantom and also Love Never Dies.  Ultimately the The Phantom of the Opera had it's individual attention with selected songs sung from my favourite musical.

Rebecca beautifully sang Think of Me and the whole company sang Prima Donna in perfect harmony.  The final highlight was Earl, Matt and Stephen singing in unison Music of the Night and Wicked's Be Good during the Encore with photo taking/audience interaction!

A big thanks to everyone involved including Annette Yeo, Mandy Watsham Dunstall, Yvonne Marie Parson and the musical director, Anthony Gabrielle for a successful evening!

After a reluctant curtain call, some of us met the Phantoms at Stage Door.  It was nice to have finally met Alistair Barron after seeing him on and off stage many times during the Phantom UK Tour.  I hope Three Phantoms return locally in the not too distant future where I can be guaranteed another good night out!

Matt Cammelle and Me (Stage Door, Leeds Grand Theatre)
Alistair Barron and Me (Stage Door, Leeds Grand Theatre)
Earl Carpenter and Me (Stage Door, Leeds Grand Theatre)
Stephen John Davis and Me (Stage Door, Leeds Grand Theatre)
Anthony Gabrielle and Me (Stage Door, Leeds Grand Theatre)

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