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Gipton The Musical - Saturday 18th July 2015

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Produced and presented jointly by the people of Gipton and Space2 (a Leeds Community Development Organisation), Gipton The Musical performs just for one night to an enthusiastic audience during the West Yorkshire Playhouse's Open Season.  The demand for tickets outstripped supply resulting in the public also being invited to its dress rehearsal earlier on in the day.

The focal point is its present with one family who lived in the same house for several generations.  George, performed by local Councillor Roger Harington, reminisces how Gipton once was (and still is to an extent); with its tight knit community, the working lives at the Burton factory, bonfires in the street, children playing football outside and other tales Gipton residents shared in cementing the unique identity the estate has.  George is also reminded about his loved ones and people of the estate by Ghost of the Gipton Past, performed by Graham Tempest.  The other family members look beyond the estate only to return to their roots and loved ones.

Those tales are embracingly celebrated with an assortment of passionate local performers and musicians with singing, dancing and playing to Boff Walley's memorable and colourful songs and music, which is accompanied by stunning and effective visuals and props.

Uniquely written by the people of Gipton and Walley and performed excellently by many who are making their debuts. Again Space2 comes up with a triumphant show for the community and its people.  The successful reception ensures this unique community in East Leeds is celebrated with pride to its maximum!

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