Thursday, 16 July 2015

Another 'ME-WOW' afternoon by the sea!

CATS in Blackpool

On one summer's day I travelled to Blackpool to see CATS at the Winter Gardens Opera House.  Before seeing the matinee we had a wander along the town's sea front taking in the sunshine, sea and it's air!  CATS is playing in the seaside town this summer following the seasonal and successful run at the London Palladium.

Since London there has been some considerable changes to the cast including Jane McDonald (I've seen her in Romeo and Juliet, a French musical, as the Nurse in 2002!) as Grizabella and Adam Linstead as Old Deuteronomy (He appeared as Grantaire in one of Les Miserables recent casts).  Sitting on the front row you get the full interaction you expect from the show with the 'cats' roaming in the audience.  

Enjoyed again the Rum Tum Tugger's rapping, which Jack Butterworth performs so well, and it fits so well into the 21st Century production of CATS and of course the character is certainly loved by the female felines on stage!  I was incredibly impressed by Jane McDonald's Grizabella and Adam Linstead's Old Deuteronomy.  On the whole the cast is impressive and performs one of my favourite musicals to the highest of standards.

Another 'ME-WOW' afternoon by the sea and again on a sunny summer's day till my departure for home when it started to rain! A CATS fan is re-born and will continue to be re-born on a future visit to the musical!

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