Sunday, 26 April 2015

Plastic Figurines

Ella Carmen Greenhill's new play is currently touring around the country including a visit to Square Chapel of Arts in Halifax.  It is about Rose and Mikey (played by Remmie Miller and Jamie Samuel), sister and brother, who has a strong sibling bond between each other.  

Remmie Miller and Jamie Samuel
(Photo credit: Box of Tricks Theatre and accessed

Life isn't the same for both of them since their mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Not only Rose has to come to terms with the loss of their mother but also caring for his brother who is autistic.  Mikey is passionate about his hobbies but find change hard to deal. He may remember accurately a lot of factual information but struggles socially,  His anxiety levels are high particularly when he is keen to catch the 1213 train.  

Set in a hospital setting, Plastic Figurines explores autism and the relationship between sister and brother and how they see life very differently from one another.  This often brings up conflicts of opinions.  It begins with Mikey turning 18 and Rose then revisits the past through narration and reflections with the aid of the letter written by their mother.

A lot of emotions and understanding are shared.  A moving play, under the direction of Adam Quayle, with seriousness and humour which is in similar vein to the playwright's own life.  Box of Tricks Theatre company has put together well a play that explores siblings' understanding of autistic behaviour and ensures crucial awareness continues to be raised.

A recommended play which continues to tour within the North West of England then onto Yorkshire, the Midlands and North Wales.

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