Monday, 20 April 2015

In My Father's House

In My Father's House
Photo credit: York Theatre Royal

A visit was paid to Fairfax House in York...not just to admire Noel Terry's interior decorative arts and furniture but going back in time and reliving the complex lives of Lord Fairfax and his daughter, Lady Anne. York Theatre Royal Theatre Youth Theatre production of Danusia Iwasko's In My Father's House was presented by Project K and directed by Paula Clark. The production brought the characters that lived and worked in the house back to life. from the welcoming butler, who stepped in a a narrator, to witnessing Anne's troubled life.  A tour of the house was included as some of the scenes were performed in different rooms; from the kitchen downstairs to the main drawing room upstairs where one imagines visitors for the Fairfax family were welcomed and received on arrival.

This 40 minute play certainly gives an insight into Lord Fairfax and Lady Anne (played by Ellie Bygrave).  It seems it wasn't all well in the household despite the wealth and beautiful Georgian House.  It is a good opportunity to appreciate Fairfax House contextually with its relationship with York's Georgian High Society.  A wonderful production performed by a group of young talented performers!

More information about Fairfax House and York Theatre Royal can be founded by clicking on the links.

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