Monday, 22 April 2013

Lee Hall's The Pitmen Painters

I recently went to see The Pitmen Painters at Bradford's Alhambra Theatre.  As well as enjoying this wonderful play I learnt a lot more about myself in relation to my personal, arts and humanities journey.

Credit: Live Theatre/National Theatre

I don't intend to talk about the Live Theatre/National Theatre production in general but do a personal abstract in relation to this.  Being a humanities graduate it is important for me to fully appreciate the arts and what it means to a lot of people especially those of the rich and famous!

Lee Hall's The Pitmen Painters took us through a journey of their personal lives and their political and social circumstances.  This had begun from attempting to try to appreciate art from a prescriptive and theory perspective and undergoing their definitions in a descriptive and practical setting.  The painters learnt through their journeys that art is about you and about yourself and it isn't representational, it's universal!

One does not need to rely on prescriptive art with its audience.  For example, the Romantics believed that art is within yourself and as a form of personal expression in whatever form as demonstrated at many art exhibitions.  The prescriptive genre would be considered as 'good art' but it doesn't necessarily mean it's exclusively good art.  The painters pointed out art reaches what really matters to you and how you feel.

I've always considered myself open to 'art' and view many forms whether they are paintings, sculptures, architecture, literature, language etc.  However I have to confess during the production there were some existing preconceptions I didn't realise I had!  These preconceptions and opinions were challenged and some change personally is in order.

I now look forward to exploring more about myself through the arts now and in the future.  I would definitely see The Pitmen Painters again and I highly recommend it.  Thanks to the cast and creative team for putting together an amazing production! It moved me and I'm sure many will share this sentiment.

 Please click on this link for further information about The Pitmen Painters.

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