Monday, 2 November 2015

Romanian Vampire at Halifax's Square Chapel - 31st October 2015

Proper Job, an award winning theatre company, presents Nosferatu at Halifax's Square Chapel.  Based on Ian McMillan's poems, the company recites numerous poems about the tale of the sailors in Bram Stoker's Dracula who made the perilous journey from Varna to Whitby. 

Image credit: Proper Job

The audience are invited to observe life on deck and be intrigued with the unidentified cargo.  The atmospheric staging suits the sinister mood for what is about to happen.  

The lighting and smoke creates this suspense with the mysterious deaths on board.  The lighting and soundscapes serve chillingly the vampire's existence on ship with great use of vampire images, red lighting that represents blood and dimness which is appropriate for this telling of this dark tale.

Certainly a production remembered for its stage effects, the live music and good use of metaphoric language in the text and songs.  An imaginative approach for telling a dark tale which is something Proper Job takes pride in with their productions.

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