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Northern Ballet's Wuthering Heights: My personal thoughts

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Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights is an exceptional classic loved by many.  It is known for its passionate and romantic tale between Heathcliff and Cathy Earnshaw.  One appreciates the classic later on as there are a lot of complex emotions features yet to be explored.  Wuthering Heights is a story not to be followed literally with the hope of an expected ending.  However one is encouraged to explore its complex characters and its raised emotive themes including obsession, jealously, revenge, loneliness, anger, insecurity and equality.

Northern Ballet's Wuthering Heights is visiting a few venue during its Autumn 2015 tour. Set to Claude-Michel Schonberg's music; the talented artists interpret the classic on stage with simple but incredible sets from Ali Allen and David Nixon's humble but effective costumes.  The company did an excellent job interpreting the complex characters from the novel.  Antoinette Brookes-Daw and Ashley Dixon re-enact the passion and strong emotions that Heathcliffe and Cathy had for each other with excellent interpretation and dancing.

Personally I felt something was missing from this production...I didn't feel as emotive as I expected to from the novel.  Hats off to Northern Ballet and their renowned valiant effort to reinterpret a complex classic and its characters. A lot to pack in for a two and a quarter hour ballet and perhaps there was a lot of editorial decisions being made to interpret the classic on stage in that amount of time.

Seeing this production has made me appreciate Wuthering Heights even more and the lives the Bronte sisters have had.  A revisit to the Bronte's parsonage is in order as my intrigue about the infamous sisters continue to grow.  It's the 200th anniversary of Charlotte Bronte's birth next year so I'm looking forward to seeing Northern Ballet's World Première, Jane Eyre.

Dawn Smallwood
22nd October 2015

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