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Les Miserables – the movie!

Les Mis at The Leeds Light Vue
Me seeing Les Mis for the 2nd time!

Waiting in Anticipation?

I waited in anticipation for Les Miserables to be released in UK cinemas on the 11th January 2013.  I wasn’t happy about other countries such as the USA and Australia having the movie before the UK.  After all quite a lot of the filming had been done in our country and Europe!  I persevered the spoilers the US fans posted on Twitter and friends who personally told me about the movie.

Despite the feelings I have to say it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  I was impressed how Tom Hooper directed the movie.  He is certainly a very talented director I’ll look out for future movies directed by him.  He knows how the musical ticks and both the scenes and musical numbers were of the perfect co-ordination and choreography!

This is strictly an analysis of what my thoughts of the movie are and not a descriptive account.  Many of my friends have seen Les Miserables on stage and already know the story and synopsis.  There is no need to repeat this and I highly recommend seeing either the musical on stage or the movie if anyone hasn’t yet seen it.  It’s a musical where you’ll have to form your judgement and opinions from firsthand experience and not through hearsay!

Here is a summary of my thoughts (Please note these are subjective).  The most outstanding performance that stood out for me was Anne Hathaway (Fantine) and Hugh Jackman (Valjean).  I was especially moved by Anne Hathaway’s Fantine when she sang ‘I Dreamed A Dream’.  I love the overall performance of Hugh Jackman and his talented acting and singing made the role of Jean Valjean perfect.

As for Russell Crowe, his singing didn’t impress me and I felt he was talking through the music than singing!  However I loved his acting and his presence in the movie was perfect for Javert.  I also loved Samantha Barks (Eponine), Eddie Redmayne (Marius) and Aaron Tveit (Enjolras).  I wasn’t moved much by Amanda Seyfried (Cosette) I’m afraid to say.  I’m not keen on the role of Cosette in the musical generally so maybe this could be the reason why I feel the way I do about Amanda’s portrayal.  I don’t know.  I loved it when Samantha Barks sang ‘On My Own’ where I was moved emotively by Eponine’s feelings and desires about her life journey and Marius.  

It was nice to see a number of notable West End Performers starring in the movie such as Colm Wilkinson (Bishop of Digne) and Killian Donnelly (Combeferre).  

It was great to learn that the movie itself, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway have won Golden Globes Awards on the 13th January 2013.  My conclusion on the movie: Wow! Great movie with great casting!

Regular visitor to the movie?

I made a second trip to the movie the following week (18th January 2013) and took my friend, Debbie, with me.  I was even more moved than the first time!  I managed to spot Fra Fre (Courfeyrac) and Hadley Fraser (Army General of the National Guard) on this occasion. Next time, I will try and look out for more musical theatre performers!  Debbie and I were crying at different stages during the movie.  We were so emotional after ths show that we had pop in the nearby Cafe Rouge for some red wine so we can be calme and composed for making our journey homes haha! What a good start to 2013 so far! Here is more visits to the Les Miserables movie!

Debbie and I having after movie drinks! Perfect!
Please feel free to share any thoughts with me about the movie whether you have seen it or if you’re planning to see it.  I’ve tried to make the movie review spoiler free as possible so this is why I’ve not mentioned how the musical is arranged in the movie and not go into any detail of what exactly happens!

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