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Personal Thoughts on Scottish Ballet's Swan Lake - Saturday 4th June 2016, Liverpool Empire

Scottish Ballet's Swan Lake
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This is my first even Scottish Ballet production I've seen on stage.  What appealed to me is to see David Dawson's ambition adaptation.  An unassuming production which hasn't been done before!

His aim was met; the production performed on a stage that has been stripped bare and the dancers worked with a minimum of props and in some scenes, none!

The chosen story is about Siegfried (danced by Andrew Peasgood) and his lonely existence.  Only to have his solitude interrupted by Odette the Swan Queen (danced by Constance Devernay) whose human like and swan lake like presence graces and catches his captivation.  Mutual feelings develop and a a pact of trust and loyalty is agreed in form of a keepsake jewel.

Act Two is a similar vein to how the story is interpreted from many productions.  Siegfried foolishly falls for Odile.  The new conclusion is for him to face very sad and tragic consequences in which the encounter between them finishes and vanishes forever.

It was a truly beautiful production with the stark colour contrasts with the staging and dancers. The dancers wore simple modern bright costume...the colours worn had this silhouette feel as if they are the focal point at different stages of the story.

One suggestion is to reconsider the fabric for some of the male character costumes.  Odette and the swans' costumes were beautiful; original, white and crisp feel to them and works well in the dancing and choreography.

The cast for the matinee interpreted beautifully the tragic story; which moved many in the audience as evident in their applauses at end of each act and finale.  Tchaikovsky's beautiful and dramatic musical score was not compromised and fitted nicely in this contemporary adaptation.

An unmissable production with retelling Swan Lake at is best!

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