Sunday, 11 November 2012

National Theatre Backstage Tour

National Theatre, London

 For sometime I always wanted to visit the National Theatre to either see a play or tour the venue. I only recently had begun looking into the National Theatre and decided on a recent trip to London that I'll book myself on a tour.

The National Theatre organisation began in 1888. The intention of the organisation was to host Shakespeare repertoire but at the same time encouraged new and creative writing for the new nation.

The current location is situated at South Bank, across from the River Thames, and it's an area which was heavily bombed during World War II. Decades following the war intensive rebuilding took place including the National Theatre which opened it's first theatre in 1976. Laurence Olivier, an English actor, was the first artistic director with the new theatre.

The tour took us to two of the three theatres in the venue, Oliver and Lyttleton Theatres, and we learnt more about the theatre themselves. We went backstage of the Lyttleton Theatre and also visited the carpentry, painting and props workshops. We had an opportunity to learn how the props are made for the plays.

The National Theatre has foyer/public/exhibition spaces, known as the 4th auditorium, where the public who aren't planning to see a play can visit and socialise.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and look forward to seeing a play there in the not too distant future. Unfortunately photography is forbidden so pictures were only taken from outside the theatre. The tour cost me 8.50 gbp (November 2012) and it's strongly advisable to book in advance as tours sell out quickly. 

Contact Information:
Telephone: 020 7452 340

Plays advertised at the National Theatre

National Theatre Main Entrance

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